About Us What you should know

Safeway Scaffolding Limited started in the Midlands in 1996 and has now grown to be one of the biggest scaffolding firms in the Midlands catering for the whole region. What started off as a small company grew quickly through our skill, passion, attention to detail and our ability to erect scaffolding for any kind of project.

With our passion and ability to cater for any kind of project that was given to us, word spread and our reputation grew over the years. Bigger and more complicated projects came into the company and with every successful completion and the customer feedback we received. Word spread and so did our client base.

Safeway Scaffolding Limited are always looking to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in our particular field. From how we operate as a company both within our offices and on-site. We believe in being professional in all aspects of our company and do not accept anything less from all our employees.

Below you will find background information on the key members of Safeway Scaffolding Limited. What they do, their experience and how they keep pushing forward the company and scaffolding as an industry.

Our Staff Members

Peter Roche
Managing Director
Kelly Naylor
General Manager/Planner
Steven Vine
William Roche

The Future

Safeway Scaffolding Limited is growing at a constant rate and we want this to keep going for the future. We want and strive to be the best at what we do and the only company people will choose when they need scaffolding for their commercial and bespoke projects.

With the help of our clients and dedication of our employees there can only be a bright and successful future for us.

We class ourselves as being one of the best companies, if not the best company in the field of providing commercial and bespoke scaffolding contracts. With a passion to raise standards both on site and with health & safety being at the forefront of our minds constantly.