Safeway Scaffolding Limited appreciates that good health and safety is an essential tool in the success of the company and fully integrates health and safety in all its operations. The company recognises that current legislation sets minimum standards for the industry and where necessary set higher standards than the minimum to protect the health and safety of all company employees.

Our company health and safety statement places emphasis on the prevention of accidents and the implementation of safe systems of work; the company is fully committed to achieving these aims.


Employees of the company regularly receive health and safety training in the form of in-house and/or external training. This training can be general health and safety awareness or on specific subjects such as CISRS training of scaffolders, general working at height; asbestos awareness, or on changes in legislation or industry best practices. (I.e. SG4-14 and TG20:21)

Where legislative or industry best practice changes affect our business, appropriate training and changes in our work methods are arranged with our staff and operatives kept fully informed of any required and agreed changes.

Information & Instruction

The company also recognises the role of its employees in achieving a good health and safety culture and the safety of its employees; we therefore place great emphasis on the passing of information to its employees to enable them to carry out their duties both responsibly and safely. We consider the passing of information to operatives as an essential training tool in health and safety and use inductions; toolbox talks and site-specific method statements and risk assessments to achieve these aims.

Safety Alerts and site meetings also ensure that the health and safety of our employees and our clients remain a high priority. The issue and administration of these documents is monitored and directed through our dedicated Company Health and Safety Director.

Inspection & Auditing

The company employs fully qualified CISRS operatives for their field operations in the erections, adapting and dismantling of scaffolds.

All operations of operatives in the workplace are monitored and audited regularly by our own company Directors. Records of these findings of any workplace audits are kept on file and registered to the operations being audited. We also pass details of these audits to our clients.

Accidents & Incidents

The company operated a zero tolerance to accidents; however we do appreciate that accidents / incidents can and do sometimes happen. All accidents / incidents are fully reported and investigated by our Health and Safety Director, with the main objective of any investigation being the prevention of any repetition.

HSE Notices / Breaches

The company prides itself on its excellent health and safety record with no HSE notifications of investigation or prosecutions since its opening 18 years ago.
Persons Responsible for Health and Safety

Managing Director – Mr Peter Roche
Director of Health, Safety and Training – Mr Jim Grant (CMIOSH, MIIRSM)



Getting to your customers at the right time is crucial...

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Bespoke Scaffolding

Getting to your customers at the right time is crucial...

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